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Shotcrete and Swimming pool projects are extensive, complicated and loaded with technology.

Scroll down to see the different services offered for your upcoming project.  Whether you are on the installation end of something you have never done before or an end user of a pool or shotcrete project, shotcrete and pool structures can help guide you in the direction necessary to complete the project with the results you want.  


Do you know how to ask for what you want?

For Contractors


With substantial experience in the concrete industry focused around shotcrete and swimming pool construction we are able to offer a number of consulting services relating to both shotcrete construction and complex swimming pool construction.

Contractor Services

  • Shotcrete placement wet or dry mix

  • Project logistics

  • Swimming pool construction 

  • Marketing 

  • Volumetric concrete trucks

  • Safety

  • Small line concrete pumping 

  • Shotcrete mix designs 

  • Equipment 

  • More...

For Commercial Pool Facilities


With experience working for one of the largest commercial swimming pool construction companies in the industry I have acquired the knowledge of what a pool builder is concerned with as well as what the end user is expecting.  Experience includes bidding, sales, contract review, pre-construction planning, layout, logistics, full construction, inspections and closeout.  When you are spending $30,000,000+ on a natatorium don't lose site of why you are building the natatorium.

Project Owners services 

  • Owners representation services for both commercial and residential swimming pool construction 

  • project inspections

  • safety

  • quality control 

  • support 

  • education

  • how do I know I am getting what they say I am getting?

For Architects and Engineers



It is very common for an architecture or engineering firm to be asked to design an entire project.  It is not uncommon for the firm to do some research and put together a detailed construction drawing for the swimming pool portion of the project.  However depending on what part of the country the information was gathered from the pool typically does not match tried and true pool building techniques.  We can work with you to ensure the pool plan you create for the end user is code compliant, constructible with conventional techniques, and will stay within a budget.

For Future backyard pool owners


In my years of working both in the field and office on projects from $8,000 pool repair projects to million $ back yards I have always had one focus.  To meet the expectations of the end user.  The typical back yard pool buyer only understands part of what they are buying.  If you are spending $100K plus on a back yard pool you should know everything that you are getting.  

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