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Where talent and hard work meet

Shotcrete and Pool Structures is operated by Mason Guarino 

The President of Shotcrete and Pool Structures has been working in the shotcrete and swimming pool industries regularly since 2001 with construction experience starting as a child.  Construction in general has always been an interest and passion of Mason.  With work opportunities provided regularly growing up Mason focused on completing projects quickly and efficiently.  Mason Learned from a young age that there is usually many ways to accomplish a goal and always assumed there was a better way than what was first thought of.  Sometimes the resources and time don't allow for the necessary time to research and find the best way but with the right planning for a project there is always time to find the optimal way to complete the project.  This mentality lives on to this day and we are always working to learn new ways to get over the hurdles in front of us.  

After graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology Mason worked full time for the largest swimming pool contractor in the Northeast US and the largest self performing swimming pool contractor in the country.  Mason spent most of his time working in commercial construction environments which required the highest levels of safety such as on Navy Bases and Railroad construction projects.  When there was a complicated project to complete or a big problem to get over Mason was on site.  Masons experience spans from business management, planning and marketing for specialty contractors to hands on execution of projects including being an ACI certified nozzlemen in both wet mix and dry mix processes, concrete mix designs, project logistics and heavy equipment operation and coordination.  It is not uncommon for Mason to be the contact person between architects, owners and engineers to help overcome unforeseen conditions or structural additions.

At Shotcrete and Pool Structures we are here to help teach, train and support the shotcrete and swimming pool industry.  With experience in projects from $4000 repairs to executing $3,500,000 structural building repair projects and being involved in $2.3 Billion infrastructure projects we can help your firm evaluate, bid, execute, design, or monitor whatever type of shotcrete or swimming pool project you are interested in.  

Notable Accomplishments

  • ACI certified Nozzlemen wet mix and dry mix processes

  • 10,000 PSI wet mix shotcrete mix design 

  • 12,000 PSI dry mix shotcrete mix design and executuon

  • voted top 30 under 40 in the swimming pool industry 

  • Author of numorous articles published internationally 

  • Secretary of the American Shotcrete Association Board 

  • Chairmen the ASA's swimming pool committee

  • ACI 506-OH and ACI 322 code committee member 

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