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Increasing foundation wall thickness when old foundation walls cannot be removed and repla

Contractor Services

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Shotcrete Application Training

Shotcrete and pool structures has substantial experience when it comes to both wet mix and dry mix shotcrete applications.  Project experience covers many aspects of the shotcrete applications.  project experience can be seen on the projects page with some notable highlights including providing overhead concrete repair on an interstate freeway bridge over a river from boom lifts using the dry mix shotcrete process.  Repairing church bell tower pillars 80' above the street below without letting any material reach the sidewalk below. Installing the forms, rebar, 12" plumbing, and shotcrete on a swimming pool for the Navy in Newport, RI, then being asked to return for two more navy projects at the same base.  Whichever stage your company is at whether you are the GC who is running a large shotcrete project with a subcontractor and wants to understand more, your company is new to shotcrete and needs help learning the process or you are an experienced professional looking to broaden your shotcrete abilities shotcrete and pool structures can help.  

Contractor Services

  • Shotcrete placement wet or dry mix

  • Overhead shotcrete

  • Shotcrete equipment 

  • Accelerated shotcrete 

  • Low budget specialty contractor marketing

  • Inspection 

  • Proper placement 
  • Concrete repair 
  • DOT regulations 

  • heavy equipment 

  • Safety

Concrete Support

Coming from a background of concrete swimming pools concrete mix designs were of the utmost importance.  Almost all of our commercial experience and some of our residential experience has required concrete performance testing.  Early on we learned to make sure we have a mix design that pumps, finishes, shoots, stays in place, doesn't crack and achieves at minimum 4000 PSI was the main focus.  Starting out with basic shotcrete designs grew into more as the projects got more complex.  Some shotcrete mix designs needed to pump 800' and stand up 6' at a time, other projects needs self consolidating concrete to grout voids behind precast members.  Winter conditions needed to be adhered to frequently. 

  • volumetric concrete truck support

  • volumetric concrete truck training 

  • volumetric concrete truck mix design 

  • small line concrete pumping 

  • low slump concrete pumping 

  • shotcrete mix designs 

  • difficult to place concrete 

  • concrete repair

  • winter conditions 

  • pumping volumetric concrete 


Swimming Pool Construction

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